2017 Line Up


WEST COAST Premiere | USA, 2017, HD, 3 min.
SCREENING: DWK By Kidz Block 1, SAT, JUNE 10 @ 11:30AM

WRITER: Aidan Wonderling
DIRECTORS: Aidan Wonderling, Brett Elam
PRODS: Aidan Wonderling, Brett Elam, Amy Wonderling, Polymyth Productions
CAST: Aidan Wonderling, Gabriel Robert, Zach Thomas, Kalia Young, Nola Tallone, Charlotte Moran, Brett Elam, Ava Lovell, Theo Christopherson

Do you remember being in elementary school and the times you spent during recess? For a kid, it’s the toughest choice of the day deciding what to do in those precious 15 minutes.


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