Joel Ordesky is the General Manager for Clair Broadcast which provides production and audio solutions to content creators in southern California. He previously worked at Sony Electronics as the Marketing Manager for the launch of their pinnacle F65 camera which launched Sony’s 4k initiative. While at Sony he was one of the architects of their successful Digital Motion Picture Center on the lot at Sony Pictures. Mr. Ordesky has been involved in content creation for over 20 years both in production on network television producing live and tape programs for ABC, NBC, PBS as well as the CTO for Wexler Video which was one of the leading rental houses in Los Angeles. Mr. Ordesky’s knowledge of cutting edge technology, industry trends, and the ability to recognize client solutions has been invaluable both in and out of production. Mr. Ordesky’s counsel and expert advice is sought by vendors, clients, insurance representatives, and content creation executives alike to provide up-front direction and vision to projects ranging from new uses of the latest technology to most cost effective production values.

Mr. Ordesky holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Southern California.

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