While DANCES WITH FILMS is competitive – we have never looked upon that competition as having any bearing on the worth and talent of our filmmakers…. Rather, the heart of DWF is in its unity and broad support of fellow filmmakers.

The awards at Dances With Films are precious and few. We are not a festival that hands out numerous awards like many other fests who (as our only guess) seem more interested in having their name on as many posters as possible. (There are even reports out there of festivals handing out awards to films that have never even played their fest…. and don’t even get us started on the plethora of “online film festivals”…. Instead, the awards at DWF mean something…

The three main awards are: Grand Jury for Features, Grand Jury for Shorts and the Industry Choice Award (ICA). The Grand Jury Awards are judged by previous winners of the festival, while the ICA is judged by industry powerhouse executives like Steve Wegner (Alcon Entertainment) and JC Spink (BinderSpink). Unlike all the other awards at DWF, the ICA is unique in the fact that all films in the festival (whether in competitive or fusion sections, features or shorts) are up for this top award.

The other awards are:

Audience Award for Competition Feature
Audience Award for Competition Short
Audience Award for Fusion Feature
Audience Award for Fusion Short
Audience Award for Documentary
and the Audience Award for Music Video


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